* 1. Please rank what you most enjoy about the CLMQG? (1 being the highest ranking and 6 being the lowest)

* 2. What would make this guild even better? (Check only what you would regularly participate in)

* 3. What guild activities do you enjoy least?

* 4. Overall, how satisfied are you with the guild programming?

* 5. Please share the name of a speaker you would like to have visit our guild. (Please type your suggestion below)

* 6. Would you like to volunteer to do a Member Trunk show for the guild?

* 7. Which position would you be interested in volunteering?

* 8. Please choose the top 3 areas of quilting you are most interested in exploring.

* 9. Choose a theme you'd like to see our next challenge built around.

* 10. For additional comments or suggestions, please list those below in the comment box.

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