1. International Study Registration

all Carroll School students intending to study abroad must complete this survey

* 1. Your last name?

* 2. Your first name?

* 3. Your Eagle ID?

* 4. Your year of graduation?

* 5. What is your e-mail address?

* 6. Are you. . .

* 7. What is your School of Management concentration? (You may check more than one)

* 8. In which country or region do you wish to study?

* 9. To which specific program are you applying?

* 10. When do you plan to study abroad?

* 11. Which of the following management core classes will you have completed before you depart for international stdy?

* 12. Which courses do you hope to take while abroad? Basic Finance, Principles of Marketing and Strategy and Policy are never approved for study abroad. Nor are students allowed to take required courses in the concentration (e.g., Corporate Finance or Marketing Research) while abroad although a concentration elective may be approved. Approval for these courses comes from the appropriate department chairperson.