The Speaker Agreement must be submitted by Friday, January 22, 2021. 

This speaker agreement must be completed by all presenters in Technical Symposia, Forums, Workshops and the Corrosive Chronicle Theater. A separate form will be sent to RIP/RTS and SPS presenters. 
Anyone with questions or concerns with the agreement shall contact:
Technical Symposia Papers -
Forums/Workshops -
Corrosive Chronicle Theater -

Question Title

* 1. Contact Information

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* 3. Paper Trail Document Number C2021-XXXXX (Symposia Only - Forums, Workshops and Corrosive Chronicle Theater Speakers,  please skip to question 4) 

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* 4. Presentation Title

Revised Deadlines/Milestones for CORROSION 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo

Technical Symposia

·       Deadline for Symposium Chairs to Send Comments to Authors on Final Papers – January 4, 2021

·       Deadline for Authors to Return Corrected Papers for Final Approval – January 18, 2021

·       Deadline to Complete the Virtual Speaker Agreement – January 22, 2021

·       Deadline for Symposium Chairs to Mark Final Papers as Approved – February 1, 2021*
             *Papers not approved by this date will not be published in proceedings or included in the conference program.

·       Symposium Chairs to Arrange Presentation Order in Paper Trail – February 1, 2021

·       Author Deadline to Upload Presentation Slides for Review by Vice Chairs – February 12, 2021*
              *Presentations not uploaded by this date will not be included in the conference program.

·       Vice Chair to Provide Feedback on Presentation Slides – February 19, 2021

·       Authors Deadline to Upload Revised Presentation Slides for Review by Vice Chairs – February 26, 2021

·       Deadline to Notify AMPP Staff of Changes for Online Schedule – March 5, 2021

·       Vice Chair Deadline for Approving Presentations – March 5, 2021

Information regarding session recording will be sent in early February. Recording is tentatively scheduled to take place March 8-19, 2021.
Other Session Types (Forums, Workshops and Corrosive Chronicle Theater)

·       Deadline to Send AMPP Staff Presentations Slides for Review – March 1, 2021
As an author/presenter at the CORROSION 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo, I agree to adhere to the following:

·       I agree to present my session at CORROSION 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo scheduled to take place April 19-30, 2021.

·       I agree to present the session/topic as submitted for the originally planned event in Salt Lake City.

·       I agree to meet all deadlines and understand that missing deadlines could impact the inclusion of my presentation within the virtual event and conference proceedings.

·       During my presentation I will not promote my services, my company or products in which I have a commercial interest. (Does not apply to MP Innovation Award Winners)

·       I will notify AMPP ( immediately if an emergency would prevent me from meeting my obligation as a conference author/presenter.

·       I warrant and represent that my presentation is my own original work, factually accurate, and contains nothing libelous or otherwise unlawful. I have the authority to enter into this Agreement, and I am the sole copyright holder or that I have obtained all necessary permissions or licenses from any persons or organizations whose material is included or used in my presentation.

·       I agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend AMPP from and against any losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising out of any third-party claim arising out of my breach of the representations or warranties made by me in this Agreement.

·       I confirm that my company/employer/research institution/third-party partner will allow me to present at the CORROSION 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo.
I understand that an agreement to speak at the CORROSION 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo equates to agreement for AMPP to:

·      Use my name and/or image in photos, video, internet transmission or other media,

·      Create and use conference speaker 'teaser or promotional interviews' for publicity of sessions (audio and/or video),

·      Record and livestream the audio and/or video of my presentation,

·      Make my recording available on-demand in the virtual platform until October 31, 2021. (Excluding Research Symposia and Poster Session – these sessions will be available during the two weeks of the virtual conference but will not be included in the on-demand offering.)

·      Distribute, display and prepare derivative works based on such recordings in any form or format.

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* 5. Upon reviewing the speaker agreement for the CORROSION 2021 Virtual Conference & Expo:

After you hit 'Submit Speaker Agreement' the process is complete. You will not receive an immediate confirmation but NACE/AMPP staff will send confirmation the week of January 25, 2021 with the accompanying discount code to complete your registration for the virtual event. 
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