About the Applicant(s) and Users

The purpose of this rubric is to provide information for evaluating software/apps/technology subscription requests to be purchased with Override Election funds. How does the software support 21st century skills? Is it compatible with current district devices and network?

The students' grade levels will be taken into consideration when evaluating the results.

Here is a pdf of the rubric, in case you would like to review it before completing this form.

* 1. Check the site(s) where you work:

* 2. Name of Person Completing this Form

* 3. Email Address

* 4. Who will be using this software?

* 5. Name(s) of teacher(s) using software and grade level(s)

* 6. If this is being proposed as a school-wide adoption, a professional development plan, complete with dates and description of user groups to be targeted, has been submitted.

* 7. Approximately how many students will be using the software?