1. About the book

I first heard about Jack Ma in 2002 and in 2013 started researching what has become the book

Influence: The Jack Ma Way
“Learn how China's first global business leader wins hearts, changes minds and inspires action”

Since 2005, I've been working with leaders around Asia Pacific and influence has been one of the key in-demand competencies. I developed a framework for leaders to develop their executive presence through The Inner Core and The Outer Edge – essentially combining inner qualities of character with the necessary skills of delivering a message. From my research watching hundreds of hours of Jack Ma's speeches in English and Mandarin, I came to realize that he embodies many of the habits that I was helping leaders work on.

My intention in this book is to use Jack Ma as a role model to show how the Inner Core and Outer Edge can manifest itself in one person. Jack Ma is a particularly interesting case due to his lack of technical background, modest upbringing or lack of connections. This stands at odds with US entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Ma's big lesson is that you can achieve great things with hard work, vision and purpose. I hope that The Wheel of Influence is a helpful framework to identify ten behaviors that can become a solid platform for a leader with influence.

All the best,

Warwick John Fahy

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