UPDATE!! - Incentive Purchases Must Happen By 11/30

We are excited to announce that we received a grant from the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing that allows us to help you create a program for selling more of your work.

You will need to create an incentive program that quickly boosts sales. 

To help you do this, we will promote your business using the logo and phrase Buy Vermont Art. We will promote those artists who sign up for the program through our social media accounts and on our website through three promotions, October 2 - 11, American Craft WeekOctober 12 – 31 Harvest, HalloweenNovember 1 - 30 Holiday Promotion.

Here are some ideas: buy one, get one at a discount, gift cards that can be applied to purchases over a certain amount, social media promotions that give a discount code, or a campaign of your choosing!

The Vermont Crafts Council will reimburse you for incentive programs (up to $200) that entice your customers to purchase your work. The goal is to quickly leverage direct sales for Vermont art work. Note that the incentive must result in sales that amount to more than the incentive.

How it works: You propose an incentive program. If accepted, you put the program into effect. If the incentive results in sales, you send documention to us and we will reimburse you up to the amount of the incentive.

What are expenses eligible for reimbursement?

1. The cost of social media or print ads to promote your incentive program.

2. The cost of the incentive. Example: If you sell an item for $30 off the original price of $90, we will reimburse you for that $30 discount when you sell a $90 piece of work. If you sell 5 packages of cards for the price of 4 packages, we would reimburse the cost of one package of cards. The upper limit of reimbursement is $200 and reimbursement depends on submitting documentation (sales slips, ads & invoices) of expenses.
This program is available for members only. Become a member at this link.

Note: Funds cannot be used for materials, tools, administration costs like rent, or classes.

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