This survey will take approximately 5 minutes to complete. THANK YOU!

1. Please list the ZIP code where you live (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 90405)

2. Please list the ZIP code where you work /study:

3. Do you do most of your shopping (for groceries/goods/services) in Santa Monica?

4. If not, where do you go instead?

5. Is "buying local" important to you?

6. If yes, how much do the following items motivate you to "buy local"?

  Very Important Important Unimportant
It keeps dollars in Santa Monica's economy
It's good for the environment
It nurtures our community. Local businesses support non-profits/SM Farmers Market/our schools.
Local businesses help improve the quality of life in the community
I like to be an active part of my community/ make a dfference
Better variety/quality/diversity of products + services
It's most convenient

7. Please rank these commercial districts in order of your shopping preference, with 1 as your first choice and 4 as your last choice.

8. What attracts you to a shopping/business district?

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
The variety of products/offerings
Quality of products/services
Friendly customer service
The look & feel of a business area
Independent stores over chains
Stores are open after 5pm on weekdays
Places to eat
Availabilty of convenient parking
Availability of free parking
Walkable district, safe for pedestrians
Events/activities for children
Dog-friendly businesses
Vibrant community "scene" where I see people I know

9. What mode(s) of transport do you use most frequently when shopping in Santa Monica?

10. What activities do you do in Santa Monica, and how often? Mark all that apply.

  One or more times / week One or more times / month Occasionally or rarely Never
Grocery shopping
Shopping, non-grocery
Eating out/dinning out
Getting food take-out/delivery
Go to Post office/library/government
Visit health care services
Fitness services (e.g. gym, yoga, personal trainer)
Professional services (insurance, accounting, etc.)
Personal services (nails, hair, spa, etc.)
Automobile services

11. What specific store(s) draw you to the following shopping areas?

12. If you do NOT shop in Santa Monica for the following goods, indicate why you shop elsewhere (leave blank if you do not purchase). Mark all that apply for each type of store.

  Selection Service Quality Price Hours Convenience
Automotive Services/Parts
Art dealer
Building materials/hardware
Gifts (including flowers, jewelery, etc.)
Household goods
Office supplies
Optical goods
Musical instruments
Personal care (spa products, cosmetics)
Specialty food (health, natural, organic, etc.)
Spirits and wine
Sporting goods
Variety stores/ dept. stores

13. List five(5) types of busineses you want to come to Santa Monica. Please also indicate if there's a particular location that the business is needed. (Name specific store type and location, i.e. coffee shop on Montana, childrens clothing store downtown, etc.)

14. What types of restaurants would you most like to see in Santa Monica. Mark all that apply.

15. What is your age?

16. About how long have you lived in Santa Monica?

17. What brand of grocery or speciality food store would you frequent if it came to Santa Monica? Where would you like to see the new grocery or specialty food store?

18. Number living in your household?

19. Other comments or suggestions

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Thank you for completing this survey. We greatly appreciate the feedback. This will help inform our local businesses about goods/service opportunities & help us to attract new businesses to Santa Monica that help meet the needs of our LOCALS!