Business Management and Marketing Workshop

This free, informational Business Management and Marketing Workshop is sponsored by the National Aquaculture Association and hosted by the SC Shellfish Growers Association, the SC Department of Natural Resources, and the SC Sea Grant Consortium

It will be held Wednesday, May 22nd at Ft. Johnson in Charleston, SC from 9:00 am - 1:15 pm with light lunch immediately following.

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Aquaculture Business Management and Marketing Workshop
Sponsored by NAA

15 minutes
Welcome, Overview of NAA; Betsy Hart/Linda ODierno

120 minutes
Managing Your Aquaculture Business during Difficult Financial Times; Dr. Carole Engle

Foodfish industries across the U.S. have struggled to cope with the financial effects of high prices of feed and other inputs, competition from imports, and depressed markets in several sectors. Management decisions based on close attention to key financial indicators can make the difference between surviving difficult financial times and business failure. For those segments of aquaculture with fewer financial problems, there is no better time to take steps to avoid the type of financial distress that is being experienced elsewhere in U.S. aquaculture. The presenter has worked with more than 100 catfish farmers to develop comprehensive financial analyses and business plans. The workshop will discuss what steps were taken by the catfish farmers who survived these difficult financial times and what the early warning signs were for farms that did not survive. A simplified system to conduct an annual checkup of financial health will be presented with supporting materials (workbook and flash drive with electronic materials). Hands-on exercises will be included that focus on interpreting financial indicators and how to use them in management decision making for aquaculture businesses to remain successful.

15 minutes

45 minutes
Supermarket Sales Trends for Aquaculture Products; Dr. Madan Dey

The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff has acquired 7 years of weekly scanner data (2005-2012) for 52 cities across the U.S. Summaries of trends in prices and quantities sold of the most important regional aquaculture products will be presented and reports made available to workshop participants. Prices, promotion, and trends of the most important competing products for the most important markets will also be presented. Individual producers will have the opportunity to request customized reports.

45 minutes
Innovative Marketing Strategies; Linda ODierno

Marketing strategies to help the small grower survive in difficult economic times will be the focus of this session. Diversification strategies including e-marketing, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), niche marketing, farmers markets, product branding, and exporting will be discussed. Product placement, pricing, and cost-effective distribution schemes will be emphasized. Organizational structures that include vertical and horizontal integration (i.e. forming producer organizations for meeting product demand, processing specifications, distribution and/or marketing), contract growing and multi-level marketing will be covered. The goal will be to provide tactics that can reduce costs and increase profits.

15 minutes
Question and Answer Session/Wrap-up

45 minutes
Refreshments and networking social