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The Team from Centre for Sustainable Skills at Wodonga TAFE are currently gathering information from local business to help develop sustainable initiatives for business working towards a low carbon economy.

This survey is designed to be easy to fill out and should not take more than 20 minutes of your time. Please answer the questions as well as you are able based on your current knowledge of your company's practices. (Do not worry about the possibility of multiple survey respondents from your company or organization, as we will combine the results if we receive multiple responses.)

If you are unable to answer a question, leave it blank or provide your best estimate (or select "Don't Know" where applicable). We will send you a copy of the final report when we have completed our analysis of the results.

The final report will provide statistical analysis of the survey results and will not identify individuals, companies,or organizations responding to the survey. Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete our survey.

Finally don't forget to answer the last question to participate in our draw for a FREE site visit and assessment.Valued over $1000.00

Thank you
Centre for Sustainable Skills Team

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