Welcome to RNIB's Bus Survey 2014!

We want to learn about blind and partially sighted people's recent experiences using buses. This survey is part of our ongoing Stop for Me Speak to Me bus campaign. Your feedback will help us gain a "snap shot" understanding of blind and partially sighted people's good and bad experiences using buses in the last 3 months. We will use the findings to help our campaign to make bus companies remove barriers to independent travel.

The survey is anonymous although if you want to leave us your contact details you will have an opportunity to do this, but this is completely up to you. Any question which is marked with a * is compulsory, all other questions are optional but please complete as many as you can. The survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete. Please remember to select next when you have finished with each page. (The next and previous buttons are located at the foot of each page.)

This survey will close on 10th October 2014

We are very sorry but this survey may not work properly with Guide software. This is because Guide is no longer updated and so not compatable with some modern websites. All other access technology should be supported to work with this survey. If you encounter any problems please call us on the number below.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with the survey please contact our campaign hotline on campaign@rnib.org.uk or 0207 391 2123

* 1. Are you blind or partially sighted?