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Dear Burlington Business Owner or Representative,

The City continues to stay vigilant protecting the City’s assets and safeguarding our precious natural resources. To that end, the City continues to work on the development of an Industrial Pollution Prevention Program  (IPPP) for the City’s sewer system users. As a reminder, this program is being developed in order to reduce the frequency of disruptive and costly sewer backups, improve treatment of pollutants by the City’s Wastewater Treatment Facilities and ultimately reduce pollutants entering Lake Champlain.

Based on the information provided as part of the Phase 1 Sewer Questionnaire and onsite inspections conducted last year at various business groups, the City requests the attached more detailed Phase 2 -Sewer Questionnaire be completed to learn more about the wastewater discharge from your facility.

We will be undertaking additional outreach and education for industrial sewer users prior to the implementation of the Industrial Pollution Prevention Program. The information you provide is fundamental to the creation of an equitable program that ensures that Burlington Wastewater can continue to provide you service.

We recognize the multitude of competing demands and ongoing financial challenges that are the current reality for many businesses during these unprecedented times. 

Please complete the questionnaire as soon as possible, preferably, no later than August 13, 2021. 

Your cooperation with this questionnaire is very much appreciated.   For further questions, please contact Mr. Michael Schramm, P.E., Project Manager at or (802) 233-9638.

Note: Please read all attached instructions prior to completing this questionnaire. Requests for confidential treatment of information provided on this form shall be governed by procedures specified in 40 CFR 403.14 information. Data provided in this questionnaire which identifies the content, volume and frequency of wastewater discharge shall be available to the public without restriction.
The survey will not save your changes over multiple sessions, so please complete the entire survey at one time. If you prefer, you may complete and submit a paper or PDF copy to

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