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This is registration for each of the 5 statewide trainings that are being offered for special education directors, teachers, school psychologists, and related service providers.

Healthy lives require healthy brains.  Learn how a brain injury both traumatic and non-traumatic can impact students’ success in the schools.  What are we missing?  Why are the interventions not working? 

Brain injuries (both traumatic and non-traumatic) can often go unrecognized in the school setting despite having a significant impact on a student’s ability to be successful in numerous aspects of living.   

Participants in this training will leave with an understanding of:

·         Brain development and how an injury can alter typical development

·         What it is like to attempt to function in a classroom with a brain injury

·         How to distinguish between traumatic and non-traumatic injuries

·         Special education or 504 eligibility for brain injuries

·         Complicated concussions as related to eligibility

·         The use of the Building Blocks of Brain Development in assessment, eligibility and intervention

PLEASE NOTE: All trainings are from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

ALSO, we are no longer able to provide working lunches due to federal guidelines, so please plan accordingly (an ample lunch break will be provided to go out and purchase lunch or you can bring your own lunch).

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