Broward 100 - Celebrating the Art of Community

Broward County will commemorate its 2015 centennial with a yearlong celebration Broward 100 - Celebrating the Art of Community. The celebration will feature bold, innovative art and performance projects that attract visitors and bring Broward residents together using arts, sports and recreation venues, natural attractions and our incredible diversity to creatively bridge, bond and build communities. The celebration will look forward to Broward County's bright future, but also celebrate its rich history.

The Broward 100 year begins October 2014 and ends October 2015. The year of centennial events highlighting the creative vibrancy of Broward County will conclude in a weekend-long celebration the weekend of October 2, 2015! This large-scale event will bring thousands of people together to celebrate Broward through the arts, culture, history and entertainment. It will also launch an annual signature event to showcase the talent of Broward County, create global connections and set the stage for the next 100 years. Please participate in our survey to help name this momentous event!

1. We need a name for Broward County's grand finale event in celebration of its centennial. Choose your favorite name from the list below or submit your own idea in the "Other" field.