* 1. Share the Love is a local project by Cotton Babies lending cloth diapers to families in need. Applicants must be current participants in the WIC program and able to provide a photo id and WIC verification of certification. Personal information will be kept confidential.

There is no cost to families with approved applications. Share the Love operates by distributing cloth diapers that are donated. We will carefully consider the preferences and needs of each family to choose cloth diapers from our donation inventory.

Approved applicants will pick up diapers in Broken Arrow, OK by appointment.
The purchase of accessories such as detergents, fastening devices, cloth wipes, wet bags, diaper pail etc… that may not be included with the diapers lent is the responsibility of the care giver.

The diapers lent may be previously worn. They will be pre-washed with bleach and fully prepared for use by Cotton Babies prior to lending. Washing and care for the diapers for the duration of use is the responsibility of the caregiver via washing machine, hand washing or Laundromat and dryer or clothes line. Full care and use instructions will be provided for your convenience.

Diapers are accepted in “as is” condition. Recipient agrees to accept responsibility to properly care for lent cloth diapers and return to Cotton Babies, clean and dry, by their child’s third birthday. CB Love diapers are a loan. The recipient will be charged $50 and ineligible for additional diaper loans if the diapers are not returned to Cotton Babies by the agreed upon date.

If you agree to the above stated terms select yes to proceed to the application.