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The Broadway Pop-Up Demonstrations will allow Caltrans to understand potential impacts of proposed improvements on all road users, receive feedback from stakeholders and community members, and make adjustments to project designs before permanent construction. These features are being evaluated in a temporary condition to inform project designs and implement the vision laid out in the Broadway Multimodal Corridor Plan. Your feedback is an important part of the data collection process. 
You will be asked about your experience from multiple perspectives: 
Personal vehicle driver
Freight/commercial truck driver
Business owner/manager 
You will be prompted to answer questions based on the user perspectives you select. It will take between 5 and 30 minutes to complete the survey. You can go back and edit survey responses while taking the survey, but you cannot edit your survey once it is submitted. You are welcome to take the survey multiple times if you have additional experiences to share.

Please note: temporary traffic control north of Wabash is not part of the Pop-Up Demonstrations. 

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