* 1. How long did you spend looking at the British Art Show?

* 2. Which of the venues did you visit/will you visit?

  Visited Plan to visit
Leeds Arts Gallery
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh
Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh
Inverleith House in Edinburgh
Norwich University of the Arts
Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery
John Hansard Gallery Southampton
Southampton City Art Gallery

* 3. Did your visit to the British Art Show lead to you visiting any other local cultural venues?

* 4. Did you enjoy the British Art Show?

* 5. Was the British Art Show memorable?

* 6. How did the exhibition make you feel?

* 7. What themes did you see in the exhibition?

* 8. What, if anything, is special about the British Art Show?

* 9. What impact, if any, do you think the British Art Show and the Fringe had on the city?

* 10. Did you tell other people (e.g. friends and family) about the British Art Show?

* 11. Did you look up information on any of the artists or the show?

* 12. Did you look at the British Art Show website?

* 13. If yes, is the website:

  Yes, definitely Yes, probably Not relevant/Don’t know No, probably not No, definitely not
Well designed
Easy to navigate

* 14. What is good about the website?

* 15. How should the website be improved?

* 16. How did you attend the exhibition?

* 17. Please tell us your age

* 18. Are you:

* 19. What is your ethnicity?

* 20. Have you ever seen an exhibition at this venue before?

* 21. How often did you go to galleries last year?

* 22. How would you describe your knowledge of contemporary visual art?

* 23. Do you live in the UK?