The Greens are currently deciding what position we should take for the rest of the city council campaign regarding the debate on major venues for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics.

This short voluntary survey is intended to give us a better feel for what our community thinks, and will influence Jonathan Sriranganathan's public statements as the Brisbane mayoral candidate over the next two months.

(There’s always more to say about the Olympics, but we wanted to keep this survey short and simple. We welcome more detailed qualitative feedback via email. Send your thoughts to )

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* 3. Which party did you vote 1 for in the 2022 federal election? (Optional - asking this question helps us understand how representative our survey is)

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* 4. What is your preferred option for the main athletics stadium?

All the widely-discussed options for the main athletics stadium have significant challenges or costs attached.

Mass public transport connectivity is essential, which is one of the main reasons the State Government likes the Gabba; a train station is already under construction next door.

One key challenge in finding a site is that the International Olympic Committee requires the athletics stadium to be within a reasonable commuting distance of the main athlete village, which will host 12,000+ athletes. The State Government currently proposes to build the athlete village on a large area of vacant land by the river at Hamilton.

The Olympic stadium also needs to be supported by a warm-up track, which would ideally be right next to the stadium. The current Gabba proposal involves building the warm-up track 500 metres away at Raymond Park in Kangaroo Point.

QSAC Stadium at Nathan
QSAC Stadium at Nathan

Commonly-discussed stadium options:

The Gabba - very high costs associated with demolishing and rebuilding on a small site, and severe impacts to the surrounding community including Raymond Park and East Brisbane State School, but good public transport connections.

QSAC at Nathan - already has a warm-up track, but no mass public transport option connecting directly to the stadium. The location is a long way from the Hamilton athlete village, and the ageing stadium infrastructure would need a major redesign or rebuild.

Carrara, Gold Coast - this stadium was used for the 2018 Commonwealth Games and already has a warm-up track, but public transport links would still need to be improved, and a new site for an athlete village would have to be identified.

Assuming that Brisbane doesn't pull out of hosting the 2032 Olympics altogether, please rank your support for the following options for the main Olympics athletics stadium.

Please rank your preferred main stadium options using the arrows or by dragging the options into order of preference:
(We realise it's hard to make an informed decision when so much information has been kept secret, but we still want to know which way you’re leaning)

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* 5. Should Brisbane just pull out of hosting the 2032 Olympics altogether?

So far, the cost of proposed new venues and supporting infrastructure to host the 2032 Olympics is on track to exceed $8 billion, and it’s possible that could rise further. The host city will also incur further direct operational costs of hosting, as well as indirect impacts in terms of rising property values etc.

Traditionally, Olympic Games host cities are only confirmed 7 or 8 years in advance, so there is theoretically still time for Brisbane to pull out of hosting, and find another city to host the 2032 Olympics.

Due to the lack of transparency from both the IOC and the Queensland Government, we don’t currently know exactly how much it would cost to pull out of hosting the games at this stage.
We do know that last year, when Victoria pulled out of hosting the 2026 Commonwealth Games at relatively short notice, they had to pay $380 million in compensation.

What position should the Greens publicly advocate for the rest of 2024?