Building Density & Scale


The first workshop for Shelton was held in the Fall of 2017 and focused on residents' and other stakeholders' vision for the density and alternative transit options for the Bridgeport Avenue Corridor. The following is an online version of the visual preference workshop.

For this survey, we ask that you rate a series of images according to their appropriateness to the Bridgeport Avenue corridor. These images have been arranged into survey pages representing the following elements:

• Building Density, Scale, and Orientation to the Street
• Bike and Pedestrian Facilities
• Bus Transit

The rating scale runs from -3 to 3, with -3 being "I Hate it", 0 being neutral, and 3 being "I Love it". Please indicate your preference for each image by clicking the matrix box below each image, being careful to focus on the overall image, and to ignore minor details such as paint color.

Building Density, Scale, and Orientation to the Street

Please rate each image according to their appropriateness to the Bridgeport Avenue corridor. Rate the overall image and ignore minor details.

Things to Consider
•Height of the buildings
•Whether buildings front on street or have parking
•Attached or detached


* 2.      4-story buildings set apart


* 3.      5 & 6-story attached buildings apart


* 4.      1 & 1.5-story buildings set apart


* 5.      Corporate office campus


* 6.     High-end strip shopping center


* 7.     Modern town houses

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