Bridge Bus Questionnaire

* 1. How do you get to your stop for the bus?

* 2. What is your primary purpose for riding the bus?

* 3. What bus stops do you use?

* 4. Are the stops conveniently close to your departure or destination?

* 5. How far will you have to walk when you leave the bus to reach your destination?

* 6. Are you aware of the Bridge Bus website & posted hours of operation?

* 7. I usually ride the bus _____ days a week.

* 8. How long have you been using the bus?

* 9. Do you have a driver's license?

* 10. What is your age?

* 11. Would live notifications on the internet of the current location of the bus make the service more consistent and convenient to you as a rider?

* 12. If you could buy a monthly bus pass, would you buy it?

* 13. Please express your opinion on the bridge bus. 
  • Dependable?

* 14.
  • Convenient Times?

* 15.
  • Reasonable Fare?

* 16.
  • Courteous and helpful Driver?

* 17.
  • Convenient departure points?

* 18.
  • Close to destinations?

* 19. How important would each of the following characteristics be in your decision to use a transportation service (such as a cab or bus)? Please rank as 1 - Not Important, 2 - Somewhat Important, 3 - Important, 4 - Very Important

  Not - Important Somewhat Important Important Very Important
Service from home to work
Evening Service
Late-night service
Weekend service
Guaranteed ride home
Very few stops
Clear fare structure
Easy to arrange
Wheelchair Accessible

* 20. What one improvement would you want to see the most?

* 21. Would you prefer pre-pay passes over cash?

* 22. Would another regular stop be more desirable?  If so, why?

* 23. Would you like to see changes to the days and times of operations?  IF so, what changes?

* 24. Please provide any other feedback you believe is important regarding the bus service.