The competition is a statewide opportunity for high school students to explore how biotechnology is a part of their
communities and earn a scholarship for undergraduate education in South Dakota. The competition encourages
students to be creative and use videos to show how biotechnology is feeding, fueling, or healing in their community and
helping to make a better world.
The Challenge:
1. Research and connect with 1 or more regional biotechnology companies/organizations.
2. Showcase the value of biotech in South Dakota by creating a creative 60-120s video.
A. How does Biotech Feed SD?
B. How does Biotech Fuel SD?
C. How does Biotech Heal SD?

See additional information and signature forms referenced below at: 

* 1. Please provide the following general information about Video Author 1:

* 2. Please provide the following general information about Video Author 2 (If applicable):

* 3. How did you find out about the Breakthrough Biotech Video Competition? (select all that apply)

* 4. Are you participating as a member of HOSA?

* 5. Video Title:

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* 7. Identify the organizations who you've highlighted in your video's content or visual pieces:

* 8. Essay #1: Describe the video-making process and experience:

* 9. Essay #2: What was the most exciting/rewarding part of this project for you/your team?

* 10. Essay #3: What was the most difficult part of this project for you/your team? 

* 11. I (we) acknowledge that we have received and approve the terms and conditions on pages 5-7 of the Breakthrough Biotech Details and Requirements regarding my video submission.

* 12. In order for your submission to be judged, you must mail the following signed forms: Terms and Conditions (pg 7), Recording consent for any individual or private property who’s voice or image appears in the video (pg 8) and your video release (pg 9). All forms must be postmarked by Jan 15, 2018.

Mail to: Elizabeth McMillan; Sanford Research; 2301 East 60th Street North; Sioux Falls, SD 57104.