Social Responsibility Survey (phase 1)

This is the beginning of a process of meetings and conversations to develop a Bray Wanderers Social Responsibility Charter.
A Charter that will define who we are as a Club and what we stand for.
Anyone who would like the background document explaining the whole plan can contact us at

* 1. How would you rate the current community profile of Bray Wanderers FC?

  Don't know Poor Average Good Great
Links with the general public of Bray
Links with the schools and youth projects of Bray
Links with the community groups of Bray
Links with Business and Enterprise groups of Bray
Links with other sporting organisations in Bray

* 2. What positive actions would you suggest to improve any of these areas? (bear in mind what is needed to make it happen)

* 3. As we move forward with Bray Wanderers FC as a club what are the great and positive things we must take with us into the future?

* 4. A Bray Wanderers FC Charter should reflect the values of all of its stakeholders both within the club and in the wider community. What are the important issues in society that we should take into consideration as we think about what it means to be a football club in 2016?

* 5. This is phase 1 of the process which is really about reflecting and taking stock of where we are at as a club right now. The next phase is about imagining our future and discussing the answers to the questions and working on how we can take the best of what we have and turn it into something positive that we can all be proud of. If you want to be on the contact list for future meetings in Phase 2 please give your email.