* 1. Indicate your student status.

* 2. Do you take day or evening classes at Bramson ORT College?

* 3. What is your program of study?

* 4. What credential are you pursuing?

* 5. For what course(s) did you attend tutoring?

* 6. How many semesters have you attended Bramson ORT College?

* 7. What made you decide to attend tutoring?

* 8. Are you going to class?

* 9. How are you doing in class?

* 10. Rate the difficulty level you are having in the class

* 11. Are you having difficulty with any of the following?

* 12. Do you feel you can master the subject matter of your program?

* 13. How do you prefer to study?

* 14. Please note your level of satisfaction with the Bramson ORT tutoring services

  Strongly Agree Agree No Opinion Disagree Strongly Disagree
Tutors are friendly and respectful
Tutors explain using understandable words
Tutors listen to students
Tutors are engaged and enthusiastic
Tutors have excellent knowledge of subject material
I can easily make an appointment to see a tutor
The tutoring area is conducive to learning

* 15. If you needed tutoring but did not obtain tutoring, what was your primary reason for not obtaining tutoring services?

* 16. In the space below identify ways of improving tutoring services:

* 17. In the space below describe what you like about the tutoring services:

* 18. Today's date

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