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Team Member Definitions:

A Core Team Member: is defined as a person who is accountable for deliverables.

A Mentor: is defined as a person who has domain experience who will actively work with the team on a daily basis as the team needs

An Advisor: is defined as a person who has domain expertise and the team uses for Q&A sessions only

A Collaborator: is defined as an entity that can improve your probability of success in this challenge; it could include seed funders, services firms, e.g., Clinical Research Outsourcers, law firms, etc.

Team Structure:

Disciplines: Teams must be cross-functional, representing business, medical, legal and entrepreneurial disciplines. It also may be useful for some inventions to have computer science and/or engineering expertise

Cross-University: Teams may be from any University

Team Size: As large as the lead student decides; the minimum team size is three people

University Participation: Three team participants must be University students, post-docs and/or residents

Age: All team members must be over 18 years old

Required Team Member: Seasoned entrepreneur, who is a person who has founded a Life Sciences, biomedical and/or health IT company; raised dilutive and non-dilutive capital for that company and have exited either successfully or unsuccessfully. We prefer entrepreneurs that have tenure of at least five years (a minimum of three years) in a start-up and also have had corporate experience

Recommended Team Members: We recommend that you include collaborators, mentors and advisors on your team; however, they are not mandatory

Question Title

* 1. Are you completing this CDA Form as a Core Team Member, Team Mentor / Advisor or Collaborator