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* 1. I live in a culture where women who highlight and emphasise their accomplishments. are considered inappropriate.

* 2. Growing up, I was seldom or never encouraged to highlight and emphasise my accomplishments.

* 3. I have very few or no female role models.

* 4. I do not naturally tell people what I do and what I have accomplished before I know them really well.

* 5. The thought of branding myself makes me uncomfortable.

* 6. I often have a negative inner dialogue going on before or after I have to present my accomplishments and myself.

* 7. Negotiating to achieve something personal e.g. a salary raise or a promotion makes me uncomfortable.

* 8. It's really hard for me not to take things personally when an idea or a project of mine is rejected.

* 9. We are looking forward to e-mailing you your test score.