5% of survey complete.

Your Town Council is working on a Neighbourhood Plan for the Bradford on Avon Parish, and particularly needs your help in finding out about the housing and business needs of the community. The current vision is that town should provide a ‘diverse mix of housing appropriate for all sectors of the community’, and that development for business and employment opportunities should be encouraged to meet local needs.

In order to get more information to support the Plan, all households in the Parish are being asked to complete this survey. It should only take you a few minutes to do and is an opportunity for you to influence the way Bradford on Avon develops in the future.

If you complete the questionnaire you will also have the opportunity to win a first prize of £100 or two second prizes of £50 each.

Every household will also be getting a paper version of the questionnaire, with a pre-paid envelope, so feel free to use that if you prefer instead of this web version.

Whichever version you use, please complete and return the questionnaire by Friday 19th September

Many thanks

Sandra Bartlett
Town Clerk