11% of survey complete.

Your Town Council is working on a Neighbourhood Plan for the Bradford on Avon Parish, and particularly needs your help in finding out about the requirements of existing local businesses and those planning to start or locate businesses in Bradford

This survey is designed to find out your views, and should only take a few minutes to complete. Please answer Section 1 if you are an established business in Bradford, Section 2 if you are planning to start or re-locate another business to Bradford, and please could everyone answer Section 3, which is about business support needs.

Your business may also have been sent a paper version of the questionnaire earlier in the year, with a pre-paid envelope. If you completed that questionnaire, please ignore this e-mail, and sorry to have disturbed you again.

If you have any queries about the survey please contact Emma Sylvester, Deputy Town Clerk, on 01225 864240 or Danny Friedman of Cobweb Consulting on 07961 126 898

We’d be grateful if you could complete the questionnaire by 23 December 2014

Many thanks

Sandra Bartlett
Town Clerk