Summer Business Series with BBDC

Dear Business Owner,

This summer Box Butte Development Corporation (BBDC), with the assistance of the Nebraska Cooperative Business Development Center, will be hosting a series of workshops. In order to better serve you, we're interested in learning more about your business, business idea, and areas of opportunity so we can plan the appropriate workshops.

Workshops will take place in both Alliance and Hemingford, therefore we ask that ALL BOX BUTTE COUNTY BUSINESSES participate.  The survey should take about 10 minutes and the window will close in one week. 

We here at BBDC really appreciate your time and input.  Happy Summer! 

Chelsie Herian
BBDC Executive Director

* 1. How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements? (Mark ONE answer for each statement)

  Strongly Agree Somewhat Agree Neutral Somewhat Disagree Strongly Disagree
I feel safe downtown, even at night
I try to buy products and services locally
I try to direct customers to other local businesses
I seek ways to cooperate with local businesses
The existing local business mix helps my business
The look and feel of downtown helps my business
My building facade draws customers into my business
Housing for employees is readily available
Childcare for employees and customers is readily available
My community has a positive image that attracts customers
My community is an excellent place to have a business

* 2. Please rate the degree to which you are experiencing the following business challenges? (mark ONE answer for each item) 

  Major Challenge Minor Challenge No Challenge Don't Know
Conflict with building owner or tenant
Difficulty recruiting or retaining employees
Expensive or unavailable products
Expensive employee wages or benefits
Expensive rent
Product deliver/loading challenges
Insufficient financing 
Insufficient parking
Internet competition
Out-of-town competition
Language barriers
Poor building condition
Restrictive business regulations
Shoplifting or theft
Unskilled workers
Loitering near business
Perceived Safety 

* 3. Could you use information on or assistance with the following topics? (mark ONE answer for each item)

  Definitely Probably Unsure Probably Not Definitely Not
Financial Management
Inventory Management
Business Planning
Employee Hiring/Training
Customer Service/Hospitality 
Building Improvements
Window displays/Interior Store
Internet Service
E-Commerce/Web Design
Buying/Selling a Business
Assistance with Consumer Survey
Group business training (i.e. workshops, speakers)

* 4. If interested in business training (i.e. workshops, speakers), please rank your preference/availability:

  First Choice Second Choice Third Choice Forth Choice Fifth Choice
Breakfast Workshop (before 8 a.m.)
Lunch & Learn
Evening Workshop (after 6 p.m.)
Zoom Room (online virtual face time)

* 5. How useful to your business are (could be) the following services? (mark ONE answer for each item)

  Very useful Useful Useless Don't know
Cooperative advertising coordination
Marketing of Main Street district as shopping destination
Facade grants
Downtown public improvement projects
Business directories, brochures, maps
Web site or Internet resources
Retail event coordination
Special event coordination

* 6. Which technical or financial assistance programs have you used for your business?

  Used in the Past Year Will use in Next Year Don't know about Won't use
Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) Tech Assistance
Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC) Tech Assistance
Small Business Administration (SBA) Financing Programs
Nebraska Historical Tax Credits
Federal Historical Tax Credits
Main Street Facade Grant
Local Options Sales Tax (LB840)
Panhandle Rural Electric Membership Assoc. (PREMA) Revolving Loan Fund
Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP)
United States Department of Ag (USDA) Rural Development

* 7. Who do you see as your major competition (local or out of town)?

* 8. What three businesses complement your business the most? (specify up to THREE businesses)

* 9. How many years has your business: (mark ONE in each column)

  Been in Operation Been at current location Been under current ownership
Under 1
1 - 5
6 - 10
11 - 20
Over 20

* 10. Do you have plans to expand or reduce operations of your business in the next year? (mark ONE)

* 11. Where do you and your employees typically park? (mark ONE)

* 12. How many people including owners:

* 13. What are the three busiest and slowest months of the year for this business? (mark THREE in each column)

  Busiest Months Slowest Months

* 14. What are your hours of operation? (12 months out of the year)

* 15. Do you or would you extend your hours one night per week?

* 16. During an average week of the year, what are the busiest time for your business? (mark up to FOUR times)

  Before 11 am 11:00 am - 2:00 pm 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm After 5 pm

* 17. How many customer transactions do you do per week during (mark ONE in each column)

  Busiest Months Slowest Months
none, all business via phone or web
less than 50
50 -250
250 - 500
over 500

* 18. How do you reach YOUR consumer today?

  Once per week Daily Multi per week Weekly Monthly
Direct Mail
Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram)
Online Advertising (pay per click, Google boost, claim your Google listing)

* 19. Which local events (past or present) increases sales volume for your business, either during the event or in the days that follow? (RANK your top five)

* 20. Do the following traits help make your business more competitive? (make ONE answer for each item)

  A Lot A Little Not at All
Your Location
Your Parking
Your Hours
Your Service
Your Brand Names
Your Quality
Your Selection
Your Price

* 21. Name up to three businesses you would like to see come to your community? (i.e. specific name or chain)

* 22. Which buildings could be more productively used to create more economic activity for your community?

* 23. What community recreational assets could support your business if further developed? 

* 24. Address