1. Introduction

It is important that each trustee use this instrument individually, putting his or her analysis and views down in private. In the second step, the study session, trustees will compare feelings and views about each of the issues. This will be the basis for discussion and illumination leading to agreement about the board's current position. It should be a springboard for change where needed. Maximum results can be expected through complete prior preparation and the realization that the evaluation process will take time.

Beside each question is a space to give a general evaluation mark. The following rating scale should be used: 4 being the highest mark and 1 being the lowest.

4 = Best practices
3 = Adequate/Meets requirements
2 = Needs improvement/Corrective action required
1 = Immediate attention/Systemic issue

If Not Applicable or Not Observed please skip item.

Space is allowed after each question under the heading COMMENTS for you to express your perception of the current situation. List any recommendations for improvement that you may have under SUGGESTIONS.