Greetings and thank you for your interest in N&BS's Neighborhood Board Retreat.The retreat is open to neighborhood and business associations within the City of Charlotte. Please complete this survey to be considered for participation. Note that priority consideration will be given to first time attendees.

* 1. Name of Neighborhood or Business Organization:

* 2. Describe your neighborhood's location. Please be as detailed as possible by providing bounding streets or a common area address. If you prefer you may email a map to

* 3. Has your neighborhood or business association participated in a previous Neighborhood Board Retreat hosted by Neighborhood & Business Services?

* 4. Below you'll be asked to provide your contact information, what other methods does your neighborhood use to communicate?

  Rarely Sometimes Often I Don't Know N/A
Word of Mouth
Telephone Tree
Community Newsletter
Text Messaging
Door-to-Door (flyers, door hangers, etc)
Signage (temporary signs, community bulletin board, etc)
Bilingual Correspondence

* 5. Please provide us with your contact information:

* 6. What is your role or title within the organization?

* 7. How many members serve on your board?

* 8. When was the board created or established?

* 9. How often do you meet?

* 10. Does your board have a mission? If so please provide it below.

* 11. Has your organization applied for grants through the City or other entity's before? If so, please describe below.

* 12. What do you perceive as your organizations biggest challenge?

* 13. What resources would be most beneficial to your organization?

* 14. Are there current community challenges, local regulations or city programs that you'd like to receive more information on? We may not get to this at the retreat but we will follow up with you.

* 15. Please list any recent accomplishments you would like to share.

* 16. Provide contact info for at least 5 and up to 15 participants who will attend the retreat. Participants may be board members, community partners, residents or anyone who will have a direct role in implementing the community's plans.

* 17. How did you learn about the N&BS Neighborhood Board Retreat?

* 18. Would you like to be notified about grants, training opportunities and other pertinent info from Charlotte's Neighborhood & Business Services Department? Your contact info will not be shared.