We want to hear from you on the revised route options.

The METRO Blue Line Project is looking for a route that does not use eight miles of freight railroad right of way as previously planned. 

The following route options were developed using Project Principles, which were adopted in December 2020 by the Blue Line Extension Corridor Management Committee, along with a high level analysis of LRT operational and right of way needs, as well as initial community feedback.

Feedback from this 8 minute survey will inform the evaluation of route options. This is the beginning of many more discussions with the community as more information on the route options is developed. The goal is to select a community supported alignment by the end of 2021.

The light rail project is divided into three areas. This survey focuses on the areas with the most change in Areas 2 and 3.
  • Area 1: All engineering and station locations can be preserved from the previous project route.
  • Area 2: While staying very close to the initial alignment, this area has been realigned to Bottineau Boulevard (County Road 81) to avoid freight rail property. Some previous project planning, design efforts and station information can be preserved.
  • Area 3: New routes and station areas are needed to serve this destination area.
Please note that Area 2 and Area 3 from Minneapolis to southern Brooklyn Park does not currently include station locations. The community will be engaged as technical work advances to locate potential stations.

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