2012 Employee Opinion Survey

Welcome to the 2012 Employee Opinion Survey for Blood Systems. Thank you for taking the time to ensure your voice is heard! We value your opinions and look forward to incorporating your feedback as we join together to continuously improve the work environment and help make Blood Systems one of the BEST PLACES to WORK!

As you complete the survey, please keep the following in mind:

Please answer the following questions regarding your local operating unit and management; These questions do not relate to Corporate/ Central Office Management (unless you work for/at CO).

For purposes of this survey your immediate supervisor is defined as the one who administers your performance evaluation.

Local operating unit and management are defined as your operating unit’s most senior executive and management team.

Please be sure to complete the entire survey; incomplete surveys will not be considered.


¨ Guaranteed Confidentiality and Anonymity

We have made every effort to ensure that each employee has the opportunity to participate in the survey candidly and without fear that individual responses or respondents will be identified.

¨ Results will be Shared with all Employees

Communicating results is an essential part of any successful survey. We have made a firm commitment to all employees that results will be communicated after the conclusion of the survey. Your feedback on the results will allow us to assess what works well in our organization and what areas we need to improve upon that will make your employment experience more meaningful. You will be included in this process via feedback meetings with local management and the creation of local action plans that will be monitored.

We look forward to your feedback! Thank you!

2% of survey complete.