1. Blockchain Overview

We'd love to get a sense of your experience with, interest in and enthusiasm for "blockchain".* There are so many facets of this nascent industry, and our end goal is to aggregate a viewpoint on what the leading thinkers and practitioners of this industry are actually thinking.** If you have arrived here, you are likely one of them.
In return for completing this survey, we will provide you: toplines of the survey results, a chance to win copies of "Navigating the Blockchain Revolution" and opportunities to collaborate together in the future.  Please feel free to get in touch with me and ask any questions,
Sean Moffitt,  Managing Director, Wikibrands
sean@wiki-brands.com    @seanmoffitt
* Please note when we mention blockchain, we use it as an umbrella term to include all types of applicable: technologies, cryptocurrencies, wallets, coins, tokens, exchanges, applications, use cases and ecosystems that extend to a full range of industries. This is not strictly a discussion about blockchain as a currency.
** As the first edition of the #BlockchainBenchmark, we were ambitious in our learning objectives - the attached survey will take 17 minutes on average to complete. Feel free to share with informed and curious colleagues in your blockchain community. Thank you in advance... 

* 1. How would you characterize your experience and knowledge with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, applications and business models? (choose one)

* 2. On a personal level, you initially got interested/involved in blockchain/cryptocurrencies because (choose as many reasons that apply):

* 3. Do you own bitcoin, ether or other cryptocurrencies (choose one)?

* 4. If you have personally invested in/received cryptocurrencies (or considering it), what has been the principal reason (choose one)?:

* 5. How do you feel about the current overall state of "blockchain" industry e.g. progress, direction, adoption, technologies, currencies and applications (choose one)?

* 6. What is your role in blockchain? (choose more than one if appropriate)