Why this survey?

Dating is a multi-billion pound global industry, but how much is truly known about the Black British* experience? Are we getting married? Do we have intimacy issues? What relationship advice did we get from our parents? How is the younger generation faring in their quest for love? What cultural barriers do we face?

Our love lives are often under scrutiny for the wrong reasons, but we are still yet to see wide-ranging representations of ourselves and our relationships in adverts, films or books. When we do see ourselves in romantic situations, it's often from an American perspective. So, it’s time for us to fill in that incomplete picture.

Words of Colour Productions would like your help to uncover what Black Britons really think about love, dating and relationships in the 21st century. **The first step is to fill out this short survey. Please answer the questions as instinctively and honestly as you can.

It will help our research immensely if you do your best to answer all the questions. This will help us gain as complete a picture as possible. That includes your age (we are sure you look great on it), where you are based and your racial/cultural heritage.

We have conducted focus groups in different parts of the country and have filmed interviews. If you are interested in finding out more, visit: theblackloveproject.co.uk.

Thank you in advance for taking part in this important piece of work.

*Black British refers to British people of Black African and Caribbean heritage.

**You must be 18 or over to participate in this survey.