Your local Chamber knows that you value running your business in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.  For example, there are financial opportunities available through the Recycle Market Development Zone (RMDZ) and CalRecycle. We are pleased to be partners with several programs that can help you reduce energy, water, and waste, incorporate recycled materials in your products, and save money.

In order to connect each business with the right opportunity, we would appreciate you completing this short survey.

Thank you!

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* 1. How would you categorize your company (check all that apply):

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* 2. There is a low-interest loan program of up to 2 million dollars associated with the Recycle Market Development Zone (RMDZ) program through CalRecycle. There are also grant opportunities. Would you like to know more about these programs and if your business can qualify?

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* 3. Technical Assistance from the RMDZ Program includes finding recycled feedstock for use in manufacturing, locating a site or property for business startup or relocation, marketing recycled content products, permitting assistance, and identifying other funding sources. Would you be interested in technical assistance from the RMDZ program?