We are proud business owners and supporters of Washington State’s vibrant motion picture industry.

We know firsthand how motion picture productions transform communities. Having a production in your town means meals at restaurants, hotel rooms filled, groceries from the local store, vehicles and supplies rented and wardrobe and set decorations purchased from local, main street shops. Every sector of the community feels the boost from a film production.

The legislature established the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program (“MPCP”) in 2006. Since then, the program has brought an estimated $108M in direct spending and created approximately 14,500 family wage jobs for Washingtonians in communities across the state.

We are local businesses that benefit directly from the economic boost that the MPCP provides. We pride ourselves in providing good, family wage jobs for our full-time employees within our community. If the MPCP ceases to exist, it would create instability that would reverberate through our local economy. We urge you to renew the MPCP and join us in supporting an industry that provides family wage jobs and revenue in communities across the State.

Please do not let 10 years of progress and innovation be put at risk. We urge you to support legislation to renew funding for the Motion Picture Competitiveness Program.

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