1. Introduction

The backyard bird surveys on the Birds in Backyards website will soon be moving to the new Birdata portal. 
Birdata is BirdLife Australia’s exciting new web portal for recording surveys across all of our projects. Your participation and survey data to date through Birds in Backyards has already helped us build a picture of our garden bird communities and the advice we give you about improving their habitat in our urban and rural landscapes. By integrating the backyard bird surveys into Birdata, you are now part of the way we collaboratively and scientifically collect data to gain insight and protect Australia’s birds.

Birdata is intended to be more user-friendly and provide improved services and features. We hope these new features will make your survey submission experience more enjoyable, access to information about bird sightings in your neighborhood easier, and encourage more people to participate.

Before using the new Birdata platform for the first time, we'd love you to help us out by taking this quick survey to help us understand more about you and your motivations for participating, existing bird survey contribution practices, and to help us track the success of the new Birdata web portal and mobile app so that we can keep improving it. Your personal details and the information you provide are kept private and confidential. We will only use your personal details to measure and match you to follow up survey responses for statistical purposes. Your responses will be used for planning and site modification purposes only. 

Thanks for submitting your surveys!
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