Thank you for taking the time to provide your views on what goals should underpin and drive the Australian Biotechnology Industry Sector’s 2030 decadal strategy, and how we should measure and track these goals.

Future historians will undoubtedly see 2020 as a pivotal year in many ways. In Australia, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted many strengths in our life sciences sector. But COVID-19 is also a reminder that Australia will need its biotech industry to help it face uncertain future threats. It is therefore a good time to contemplate what a vibrant and valuable Australian biotechnology industry could look like another decade from now, and identify the steps that should be taken in the near term to ensure that positive future is realised.

It is a time to be ambitious about how the biotechnology industry cannot just help solve problems, but also generate the long-term economic growth and social capital that will be needed as we emerge from the current pandemic.

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We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the following questions that will help shape the goals of the 2030 Biotechnology Blueprint.