This short 2-5 minute client survey is intended to measure investigator satisfaction concerning the quality, communication, and timeliness associated with the Biostatistics Consulting Services (BCS). The results of this survey will be used for internal use only and will not be sold to anyone.

* 1. I came to the BCS for help with: (Please check all that apply.)

* 2. Please rate the following attributes concerning your most recent project the BCS has worked on:

  Excellent . . . Poor N/A
Staff Expertise
Quality of Work
End Results
Overall Service Satisfaction

* 3. My most recent collaboration with BCS lead to: (Please check all that apply.)

* 4. How did you learn about the BCS? (Please check all that apply.)

* 5. Please rate the following statements pertaining to the overall assessment of the Biostatistics Consulting Service as a Clinical and Translational Science Unit:

  Excellent . . . Poor N/A
Access- the BCS assisted me in accessing core services/resources.
Obtain- the BCS trained me in the discipline of clinical and translational research.
Advance- the BCS advanced my Clinical and Translational science research.
Collaborate- utilized other individuals, community organizations, and your own and/or other institutional and their strengths and resources to enhance research.

* 6. Grade:

  A B C D F
I would grade the service
I would grade the consultants

* 7. What could be improved with the BCS?

* 8. Overall, how many projects have you had the BCS work on?

* 9. What is your primary affiliation?

* 10. What is your title?