Associated with: SER Australasia conference, Brisbane 25-28 Sept 2018 – See
DATE OF SURVEY: - 29 March to 19 April.   (3 weeks.)

AABR is collaborating with the Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia (SERA) and Big Scrub Landcare (BSL) on a very special field trip to northern NSW to look at the progress being made in rainforest restoration in the ‘Big Scrub’ landscape near Lismore. 

This will be a major field trip where key participants in the program will be taking stock of progress to date and sharing their experience gained from decades of experience.


WE ARE PLANNING TWO  (CONCURRENT) FIELD TRIPS  - with both groups joining together for the very special guided tour of Big Scrub restoration sites on the weekend of 22-23 Sept 2018- and would like to gauge the level of interest in either of these.

1.     The first is a 2-day pre-conference field trip for the Society for Ecological Restoration (SERA) conference in Brisbane (Field trip dates -  Sept 22-23).
  • Guests will make their own way to Ballina or Lismore by afternoon of Fri 21st to be taken to your accommodation. 
  • You will be collected from your arrival point and taken to your accommodation, to join like-minded people for a weekend’s guided field trip to key Big Scrub Rainforest sites.  
  • During the field trip you will learn from practitioners and landholders about evolving techniques and methods used. (Travel will be by bus, with some short walks and talks in remnants and revegetation sites).  
  • There will be a social program including a BBQ on the Saturday evening at a restoration-themed property. 
  • On the Monday you will be bussed to Brisbane to make your way to the SERA2018 conference.
  • We estimate the 2-day field trip (including accommodation, transport and all food*) may cost around $500-600 excluding travel from your home to Lismore (but including the bus trip from Lismore to Brisbane).
  • Places limited to 15.  
2.   The second is a week-long bus trip from Sydney to Lismore and back (Sept 19-26).
  • Guests will join a mini-bus on a fun-filled trip to Lismore, taking two days travelling each way (looking at key rainforest projects including Wingham Brush on the way up and Coffs Harbour on the way back). 
  • You will take guided tours on Saturday and Sunday around some fantastic Big Scrub rainforest restoration sites by skilled and passionate bush regenerators and Big Scrub Landcare members.  (There could be one ‘lay’ day at the end of the trip prior to returning if needed.) 
  • Pleasant accommodation has been reserved at the Lismore Lake Cabins and Lakeside Lodge, a little way out of town. The accommodation cost depends on whether you want motel or cabin-style accommodation and would share a room or not.
  • Total cost for the trip per person(including food*) would be anywhere from $850 to $1250 depending on your preferred accommodation style. 
  • Places limited to 15.
(*This estimate of cost of food covers morning teas, lunches, one dinner and your own purchase of other meals. However this would be higher if you are ordering room service or wanting to splash out when purchasing your own meal in town. It does not include extra coffees or drinks you