The Boone & Crockett Club and the Wildlife Management Institute are conducting a nationwide study on the illegal take (poaching) of big game wildlife species. The goals of this study are to determine the motivations and frequency of the illegal take of wildlife in the United States. Specifically, we are looking at the illegal take of big game (deer, black bear, brown bear, elk, turkey, moose, caribou, mountain goat, wild sheep, cougar, or other big game species). The surveys and interviews are being conducted by a university researcher, and all responses to this survey or from any follow-up interviews will be held in strict confidence by the university researcher. Your responses and any identifying information will be retained under sole control of the researcher, will not be released to anyone else, and will be destroyed after the project is completed. If you agree to participate and are chosen to complete a brief follow-up web or phone interview, you will receive a $75 Bass Pro Shop's Gift Card for your time.