What is BibliObservatory?

The BibliObservatory podcast series was created in 2019 to explore the universe of stories that people treasure from their childhood.  The series airs as part of the South Carolina State Library's podcast, Library Voices SC. BibliObservatory is a collaboration between podcast host Ivette Villarreal and the South Carolina State Library to promote literacy through storytelling.  

We can record in English and in Spanish.

en español
Who can participate?
Anyone with stories from their childhood to share can apply to participate by filling out the nomination form. 

How many people can be in the recording section?
We typically limit recordings to two hosts and two guests. 

How long does the recording section last?
We would like the finished episodes to last about 15 minutes, but we reserve at least 30 minutes for the interview.

Can I participate over the phone?
Yes! During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are recording remotely. Guests can join the interview by phone or computer.

What should I bring with me for the recording?
Guests can bring photographs related to the memories they share and copies of books or other memorabilia related to the stories. Photos of those items will be added to the BibliObservatory photo album.

Are pictures of the guest shared online?
The BibliObservatory photo album contains photos of the books and memorabilia shared by our guests, but does not focus on photos of any individuals.

Where can I find the BibliObservatory podcast?
Podcast episodes are available on the Library Voices SC podcast page at https://libraryvoices.podbean.com/category/bibliobservatory/.
Transcripts and photos are available at the BibliObservatory Guide.