1. Introduction

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Beyond the Perfect Order
    Participants will learn how efficiently their sales order processing compares with their peers and where others are investing and gaining in supply chain collaboration.
      Participant led Survey

Welcome to the 'Beyond the Perfect Order' participant survey.

Please complete ALL the questions in survey to find out how you compare to other FMCG suppliers who have also identified this as an area for potential improvement, in the future.

The questions are sufficiently generic to cover a range of companies. We will collate the answers, remove company references and present the results back as % performance variances. You will be able to compare your own company's performance against your peer set without breaking confidentiality. The results generate valuable input across the group to stimulate discussion at the Beyond the Perfect Order Workshop.

This survey, in 3 parts, should take no longer than 15 - 20 minutes.
If you would like a pdf copy before you start, to enable you to collect the data required for the survey, please contact me at jonathan.kittow@simply-sc.com.

You can also start the survey and come back to complete it, if you wish.
Many thanks for participating

Jonathan Kittow
Simply Supply Chain

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