BEYOND 2020 - We want to hear from you!

At Life Without Barriers we are designing our new organisational strategy, which will guide us into the future. Beyond 2020 is the name of the process to develop the strategy, and it will be officially launched in June 2020.

To ensure the strength of the strategy, we want to hear ideas from a diverse range of people - and that includes you. Now is the time to put forward your ideas about how we can continue to make a true impact in people’s lives in the years ahead. 

Please answer the two questions on the next page. Your answers will be recorded as part of design of the strategy, and they may be shared within Life Without Barriers, but your name will not be shared. 

If you have any questions or anything further to add, please email

Thank you for your ideas! This is an exciting time as we reimagine our future together. 

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