Best Hacker Movies in several Categories

We are not really interested in what exactly is the best hacker movie. That is not the right question. We are interested in a series of questions that will give us debating material for the next couple of decades.

* 1. Do you consider yourself to be ....

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. Are you male or female?

* 4. How many hacker movies do you think you have seen?

* 5. How old were you when you started considering yourself a hacker (or whatever you categorize yourself as)?

* 6. What is your favorite gateway hacker movie that got you interested in hacking?

* 7. What is your favorite movie where a Hacker is the main character?

* 8. What is your favorite movie where a Hacker is a supporting character?

* 9. What is the best movie where one of the hackers is a machine / Artificial Intelligence?

* 10. What is your favorite movie where hacking is depicted realistically?

* 11. What is our favorite hacking scene?

* 12. What is the best use of social engineering to gain access to a network in a hacker movie?

* 13. What is worst hacker movie of all time (the epic fail that got it all wrong)?

* 14. Bonus question that leads to next debate: What is the best choice of hacker books that should be made into the next hacker movie?

* 15. Open question: What category have we missed?