The Great Indian Worker Profile Project - Please read below.

Thanks so much for volunteering to take this survey! A few quick notes on what this is about and why it matters:

* This is an ambitious dream to build a "Profiling tool" that tells us what our strengths & opportunities are. There isn't one that's been built specifically for Indians and Indian work culture and priorities - but this will address that shortcoming.

* Knowing more about who we are and want to be can help us make the right career choices making us happy – personally & professionally.

* To build the Working Indian’s Profile Tool we need the thoughts and opinions of people like you.

* Post completion, a MUCH SHORTER (and free) version will be available on the Berylitics website. But to get the model right we need 3,000 folks from across India and of Indian ethnicity to take this survey.

* You can "Like" Berylitics on Facebook and track the progress of this project as we report milestones. The Berylitics Community on Facebook posts and discusses interesting news stories about people and ideas.

* Once the model is available - you, your colleagues and friends will be able to get a quick assessment of your strengths and get clues on how to move forward in your career.

That’s the plan!

2% of survey complete.