Bega Valley Shire Council (BVSC) is currently undertaking the project – Bermagui River Coastal Management Program - to guide the future management of the Bermagui River estuary with funding provided by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH). 

Bermagui River has significant ecological, cultural, recreational and socio-economic values that represent important assets to the coastal township, with the estuary a key attraction for local residents and tourists that visit Bermagui annually.
It is among the most popular estuaries within the Bega Valley for recreation and also commercially important to oyster aquaculture and marina operations at the Port of Bermagui. The estuary is one of 30 recreational fishing havens in NSW with commercial fishing prohibited since 2002.
Maintaining and enhancing the ecological health of the estuary, including good water quality and protecting aquatic habitats important to fish and other fauna, is vital to sustaining the many recreational and socio-economic opportunities enjoyed by the community. However, without appropriate management controls, pressures such as catchment development, pollution and land-use disturbance pose an ongoing threat to the ecological condition of the estuary.   

BVSC and OEH have partnered with local consultants Elgin Associates to prepare a Coastal Management Program (CMP) for the Bermagui River in accordance with requirements set out in new NSW Coastal Management Reforms to guide the future management of estuary. The project commenced in November 2016 with anticipated completion date in March 2018

This survey is designed to seek your initial input to the project. We want to know -
  • How you value and use the estuary and its surrounding environment; and
  • We also want to understand concerns you may have regarding catchment and foreshore condition and issues you feel are currently impacting the natural values and uses of the estuary that require management action.

As a landholder, stakeholder or community member who values the estuary, thank you for participating in our survey. Your input is vital.
Your responses will be used to help determine management aspirations for the Bermagui RIver.

13% of survey complete.