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We rely on your thoughts and experiences to create practical and useful resources for libraries. This month, we'd like your thoughts on a benchmark sample from the Edge Initiative. You can download a .pdf of the complete beta benchmarks here: beta benchmarks.

Please take a moment to answer our questions and if you’re lucky, win a prize! Thanks!

* 1. Please read the beta Benchmark 1 pictured above and share your thoughts with us. Does it make sense? Do you need more information? Please share your thoughts with us.

* 2. How many of these services listed in Benchmark 1 is your library currently providing? If you aren't currently offering any of these services, what do you need so that you can? What can we do to help?

* 3. Please let us know who you are so we can enter your name for a prize!

* 4. We'd like to learn more about your library. Sharing your stories can help others! Please let us know if we can contact you. You can also share your thoughts on our site, here: www.techsoupforlibraries.org

For more information about TechSoup Global's product donation program for libraries, visit: http://www.techsoup.org/stock/libraries