Nominations will be open until February 16th 2018.

The nominee will be recognized at the unveiling of the Skagit Prosperity Report, an assessment of the needs of Skagit’s low income population in March 2018

Thank you for this submission to the Skagit Change-Maker Award, inspired by the life of Terry Belcoe. Please provide the information in the boxes and our review committee will consider the candidate. We are very excited to honor Terry Belcoe and to recognize emerging leaders and people who are action oriented.

* We are seeking nominations for a local person who fits these following criteria:
* Excels in her or his professional work or area of service
* Makes significant contributions to the Skagit community, above and beyond her or his work
* Mentors current and future community leaders
* Proactively tackles important work on behalf of the Skagit Community
* Inspires others to action
* Promotes Collective Impact, working across organizational and other boundaries
* Puts service above self


* 1. Please provide information about you.

* 2. Please provide information about the candidate you are submitting.

* 3. Please provide a brief (750 words max) narrative that addresses the criteria listed with asterisks above. Your nominees do not necessarily need to fit all these criteria, but the more they do, the more competitive they will be.

* 4. How did you hear about the award?

* 5. If we wanted to know more about your nominee, who do you suggest we contact?