Beach Management Best Practices Guide Feedback

Please open the Beach Management Best Practices Guide in another window and refer to the content as you complete the survey. 

* 1. Refer to page 2: Did you find the history of Lake Huron Informative

* 2. Refer to page 3: Did you find the Lake levels explanation informative?

* 3. Refer to page 4 and 5: Did you find the Beach Processes and Littoral Drift information helpful?

* 4. Refer to page 6: Was the "Anatomy of a Healthy Beach" helpful?

* 5. Refer to page 8: Was the "Healthy Dunes, Healthy You" informative and helpful? 

* 6. Refer to page 9: Is the Explanation of tree/shrub pruning and permit for tree and shrub removal helpful?

* 7. Refer to page 10 and 11: Was "Restoring your Beach" and "Managing Dunes during High Lake Levels" informative? 

* 8. Refer to page 12 and 13: Is the "What's on my Beach" helpful?

* 9. Refer to page 14: Will "Pathways and Setbacks" help with maintaining a pathway from a cottage to the shoreline? 

* 10. Refer to page 16 and 17: Did "Threats to our Coast" provide you with clear information about the shoreline? 

* 11. Refer to page 18: Is the "Resilient Property Checklist" helpful? 

* 12. Do you have any additional comments?