Welcome Beach Park Residents!

On June 1, 2014 Advanced Disposal will begin a new residential refuse, recycling and yard waste collection contract with the Village of Beach Park. With this new program, Advanced Disposal will offer two (2) service levels to the eligible single family households in Beach Park. All single family households, regardless of the service level chosen, will receive one (1) 95-gallon refuse cart and one 65-gallon recycling cart. Each household must choose which service level they would like. If no service level is chosen, the limited option will be the default service level provided. Please review the information below regarding the service level options and associated fees.

We request that all Beach Park residents complete this survey by May 15th, even if you would like to default to the limited service option.

Your two (2) refuse service options are:

1. 1x/week Unlimited Curbside Service @ $16.49/month*
2. 1x/week Limited Curbside Service @ $15.49/month*

* Senior citizens who are 65 or older, head of the household, and owner of record are eligible for a 10% discount off these rates.

Each program is explained fully on the next page.

Please take the time to complete the following survey accurately in order to begin your new service on June 1st. We appreciate your cooperation.


Required information will be marked with an * and must be completed. All other information requests are optional, but recommended.